Terms and Conditions


This document represents the terms and conditions of the use of the website (www.forextigon.com) and products/services offered by Forex Tigon LTD, a company which is registered in the Republic of Vanuatu (registration reference number 40394) with its headquarters of business situated at Moore’s Rowland, 2nd floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Port Villa, Vanuatu.


These terms and conditions apply to the usage and entire contents of the Forex Tigon LTD website (www.forextigon.com), and contain significant information which explain the rights of any person with access to the website.


By using the website, you agree & accept to the terms and conditions; if you do not accept the terms and conditions, then use of the website or products/services offered should not occur; If any terms are breached, then your permission to use the website/products/services is automatically terminated and you must immediately destroy any downloaded or printed extracts from the website.


Please note: the terms and conditions should be read and understood and agreed to before commencing to interact with the website and/or products/services offered; extra attention is required in the case of the ‘disclaimer of liability’ section, as this excludes, as well as possibly limits the legal liability in connection to the website with regards to Forex Tigon LTD.


The material, content and information which Forex Tigon LTD’s website (www.forextigon.com) provides may be subject to change at any time, without any prior notice to the clients. Changes to the terms and conditions may also occur at any time without any prior notice, again; it is agreed by the client (from the moment that they sign up, register, or trade, etc.) to review this section of the website regularly and that the access to the website or the use of at any time will constitute your agreement to the latest published version of the terms of use.


Certain provisions of these terms and conditions may be amended or superseded by legal, or regulatory bodies/notices which are located on the website of Forex Tigon LTD.


Using the website

The information which is provided on the website is not intended for distribution to, or use by any single person/group or entity in any jurisdiction or nation where such distribution or use would be opposing of the law or regulation. To make clear: none of the information provided by Forex Tigon LTD constitutes an offer/contract in any country where it is present, inclusive of the Republic of Vanuatu.


You may use the website for lawful purposes only; the misuse of the website/products/services is prohibited – including, without limitation to:

  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Logic bombs
  • Abuse


Or any other malicious material which may be technologically or otherwise harmful with the ability to damage or disrupt the above mentioned. Denial-of-service is not a valid reason, either.


Forex Tigon LTD will not be liable for any damage, or loss occurring by an attack due to viruses, malware or other, which may infect your computer equipment, software, data or other due to the misuse of our site or to the downloading of any material which is posted on it, or any website linked to it.


Other than personal identifiable information (which is covered in our privacy policy available on www.forextigon.com), any material that is transmitted via (or posted to) the website, will be classified as ‘non-confidential’, as well as non-proprietary and we have the right to use, copy, distribute and disclose the clients’ identity to any 3rd party which claims that any material which is transmitted via the website, as well as posted by you constitutes a violation of the intellectual property rights of their right to privacy. Forex Tigon LTD reserves the right to remove any post or material that is made by the clients, to the website.


Without prejudice to other rights or remedies, Forex Tigon LTD reserves the right to incorporate legal actions and proceedings against the client for the reimbursement of all the costs, as well as losses which result from the breach of this section, titled: ‘Using the website’; and to disclose such information to the law enforcement agencies as we reasonably believe this to be necessary.

Your access

Forex Tigon LTD reserves the right to alter, make changes, corrections, suspend or discontinue any factor of the website, content, products or services available through the company, as well as access to it without any prior notice.


Forex Tigon LTD reserves the right to also restrict certain areas of confirmation which is accessible via the website to our approved, registered users. If any area of the website requires the client to register with the company, then this registration may also be rejected, as well as accepted at the companies’ absolute discretion. It is agreed by the client to always provide truthful, complete and accurate information when applying to register to use the website, products and services which are provided. The registration will be not be transferable to any 3rd party and it is the sole responsibility of the client for any activity which may occur in relation to, or through the username (and other details) associated with your account, whether it is your doing or not. The client must not disclose any account details to any 3rd party. The client is obliged to change the password if it is believed by the client that the account is compromised, or that if the registration had occurred without your authorization.


Please note: Forex Tigon LTD reserves the right to terminate access to the website at any time without any prior notice at all.


Disclaimer of liability

The website and all information/material which it contains, are provided ‘as is’/’as available’; for more information related purposes only and without conditions, warranties and/or other terms of any stature.


The use of any information or material on the website is at the clients’ own discretions as well at the clients’ sole risk. Reasonable use of endeavors to ensure that the information/material is accurate at the date of its publication, but error-orientated circumstances may occur, as well as the non-inclusion of such information/material.


Forex Tigon LTD has no obligation to update the website or to correct any inaccuracies which may occur. Consequently, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information or material which is on the website and, to the maximum extent which is permitted by law. The company provides you with the website on the basis that we exclude all representations and disclaim all expressed/implied conditions, warranties and/or other terms of any stature; these terms of use may have effect in relation to the website, including but not limited to any implied warranties of the right to merchant, non-infringement of 3rd party rights, freedom from viruses and other malware, as well as suitability for a specific purpose.


The information and features of the website are made available for informational purposes only, and do not in any way constitute any form of advice or recommendation by Forex Tigon LTD and are certainly not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any particular investment decisions. Forex Tigon LTD is not responsible whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for any direct or indirect, as well as consequential loss or damage; nor for any loss of revenue, profit, business, data or goodwill (as well as anticipated savings) suffered by any person as a result of reliance on information or materials contained in the website.


While Forex Tigon LTD will try their best to ensure that the website is accessible 24 hours a day; the company will not be responsible for if any reason, the website is suspended, unavailable or down at any given time for any given period, neither will it be liable for any implications/difficulties faced in using and/or defecting the website or any other problems which you may be faced with, as beyond our control.


Neither Forex Tigon LTD or any other party involved in the creation of, production of, maintenance of or delivery of the website shall be liable to you, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for any direct, indirect or substantial consequential loss/damage, nor for any loss of revenue, profit, business, data, goodwill or anticipated savings which may be damaged or claimed by you (or any person claiming under or through or as you) or to any 3rd party, which may arise due to connection with the use of or inability to use the website and any websites which are linked to the website or the material on the website/other websites.


Nothing in these terms of use leave out or limit the liability that Forex Tigon LTD has with regards to fraud, death, personal injury as well as its own negligence; or for liability which cannot be excluded under applicable law/regulation


Intellectual property rights

The content contained on the website of Forex Tigon LTD is protected by international copyright laws and other intellectual property rights; all intellectual property rights included without limitation to all text, graphics, logos, names, artwork, photographs and videos are owned by the company or its licensors. All products, company names and logos mentioned are the direct trade marks, service marks or trading names of the respective owners, including Forex Tigon LD. All rights reserved.


Exempt as expressly permitted in this section, no part of the website may be, including but without limitation to:


  • Reproduction,
  • Storage
  • Modification
  • Copying
  • Republishing
  • Uploading
  • Posting
  • Transmitting
  • Re-distribution in any means or manner relating


To the information on the Forex Tigon LTD website or others websites related to the company, including again, without limitation to:


  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Video
  • Messages
  • Code And/or software


Without prior written consent from Forex Tigon LTD; The client is, however, permitted to print and download, as well as preview the website on the screen for your own personal use. The material must not be modified or copied from such material, including the separate material such as imagery, video, etc. which is owned by the company, accompanying the text or not. Forex Tigon LTD’s status and that of any identified contributors (as well as 3rd parties) as authors of the materials must be credited and acknowledged, always; any commercial use or exploitation of the website and its content is strictly prohibited.


Forex Tigon LTD, as well as all associated names and/or logos are trademarks owned by the company and its affiliates, subsidiaries, parent companies and subsidiaries of those parent companies; you may not use these names or logos without our express written consent.


Links to and from other websites

Where Forex Tigon LTD’s website contains links to third party websites and/or resources, it is to be known that such links are provided for the clients’ information only and the content of the site/s and resources are not within the companies’ control.

Forex Tigon LTD has not reviewed the websites and are not responsible for the availability, accuracy or content or for the loss of such information. Access to 3rd party websites is entirely at the risk and discretion of the client, and the company does not hold liability for any of the 3rd parties, neither for the loss or damage incurred with the usage of their websites. The client should read, agree and comply to the terms and conditions (T&C’s) which relate to the use of such websites, related to the operator of the website. The inclusion of a link in a website does not imply that we indorse, recommend, approve or promote any of the material on the linked page accessible from it.

The client may not use any part of the website on any other website or link any other website to the Forex Tigon LTD website without prior, written permission.

Applicable laws and legal notices

These terms of use, the use of the website by the client, and downloads from it are all subject to, and will be included in accordance with the Republic of Vanuatu law as the sole and exclusive governing law.

The republic of Vanuatu courts imply full exclusive jurisdiction, and are also the sole and executive vehicle in disputes with regards to these terms of use, and/or any and all dealings between the company (Forex Tigon LTD) and it’s clients. However, Forex Tigon LTD reserves the right to proceed with any proceedings in any and all competent court and jurisdiction that the company deems suitable, included without limitations to jurisdictions in which the client/s is/are a citizen thereof, as well as asset possession.

Any form of legal notice should be delivered to Forex Tigon LTD at

Moores Rowland Vanuatu, 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Forex Tigon LTD does not accept service of legal notices via e-mail.


Any invalid provision of these terms and agreements of use shall not directly affect the effectiveness and strictness of the reminder of the provisions. Failure by the company to enforce a right does not involve the waiver of the rights in question.


The website has been approved by the Republic of Vanuatu for the company, Forex Tigon LTD. The company does not permit or otherwise represent that the website, the use of it or the terms and agreements involved with the use of it, in whole or partially, is in compliance with laws or available for use in locations outside the territory or territories mentioned above. If the client chooses to access the website from locations outside the territory, or territories above, the client must adhere that this is done at their own risk, through their own initiative, and that the responsibility is solely that of the client, as well as having to be compliant with the local laws with regards to this.


Legal and regulatory information

Nothing on the website constitutes, or forms a part of any offer for sale or subscription of, as well as an invitation to offer or buy or subscribe to any financial instrument or related, nor should it, whether whole or partially form the adherence of or be called on in connection with any contract, as well as commitment whatsoever.

Nothing on the website solidifies the professional, or financial advice; it is recommended that a suitability or appropriateness is conducted by the client to see where the knowledge standard for trading lies, before entering a market completely fresh, in order to offer solicitation to enter any type of transaction.

Certain products are of a highly risky nature, and may not be appropriate to trade for all investors; the risk of loss in trading Forex and other products may be quite substantial, and to ensure that the client understands the risks involved is necessary before they start to trade. Any discussion of the risks associated with a particular product or service should not be regarded as complete or comprehensive. Advice from a suitably qualified professional should always be sought in relation to any particular matter of situations.

The Forex Tigon LTD website should not be known as a solicitation within any jurisdiction whereby such solicitation would be illegal. In the United Kingdom, the website is directed only at investment professionals, high net worth entities/individuals and other relevant legal persons.

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