Risk Statement

Risk Statement:

Forex Tigon LTD is a registered, and licensed company (with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) (VFSC). The companies’ registration number is 40394 and provides services, as well as products, which comply with the investment services, activities and regulatory markets law of 2017; as well as other relevant laws and directives (as they are amended from time to time.)
Trading in financial instruments is not suitable for the majority of people which are not experienced; The possibility the funds involved in the trade of such financial instruments may result in the loss of some or even all of the intended investment amount, and more. It is highly advised that you carefully consider whether or not such trading is appropriate for the experience which you have, as well as objectives, relevant circumstances and any other affective factors.

Entering into any transactions involving financial instruments is done so out of voluntary action, and at your own risk, as well as discretion. High risks are involved in trading, and profiting from such activities is never a guarantee, but rather a possibility – past results and data do not mean anything with regards to future profitability or loss – a lot of markets are highly volatile.

The risk that a loss may be sustained is high and may affect your initial investment value greatly. An investment in any financial instrument carries major risks and while you can lose greatly, you may also profit. This is down to your risk management abilities and whether or not you have experience in the market.

Trading on the electronic trading systems or trading platforms carry substantial risk due to the exposure associated to the online systems, including but not limited to the failure of hardware and/or software. The result of any system failure may be that that execution was not carried out according to the request or no execution was carried out at all.

The market conditions and the operation of certain markets (and their guidelines), trading hours, dealing room hours, and more may duly increase the risk of loss because of the difficulty to carry out such transactions or to liquidate open positions. Forex Tigon is prone to the late, or non-execution of your instructions at the requested time.

Trading in markets as such, on margin, carries substantial level of risks which can work both to, as well as against your advantage.

In certain cases, the protection of your funds is transferred and may be impactful in the event of the relevant firm becoming bankrupt or insolvent.

The client adheres to the fact that commissions, fees and any other charges may occur when trading with Forex Tigon LTD, and that the charges will decrease in the investment or profit or increase existing loss in order to maintain the account or hold open positions (see ‘terms and conditions’). The client must be aware for each instrument (for which the client is liable) whether the charges are pre-set and fixed, or variable depending on specific cases.

The client agrees that the profit or loss indicated for transactions in foreign currency contracts (denominated) will be affected by fluctuations which occur in said currencies when there is a need to convert from the currency affiliated into the other in question.

The client understands that Forex Tigon LTD does not guarantee access to the website and or any of the products or services at all times or in any given location at any specified time
All transactions affected are at your sole discretion to risk, and sole liability is that of the account holder/client. Forex Tigon LTD will not be deemed liable for any delay in delivery, execution, on transmission in relation to client requests; this may be due to malfunction
Forex Tigon LTD may deem an emergency situation, or an extreme/specific market conditions (Force Majeure) with reasonable opinion. Force Majeure events include without limation:


  1. Strikes
  2. Riots
  3. Commotion
  4. Interruption
  5. Power supply cuts
  6. Equipment failure


And more

The client understands that there is the absolute possibility of risk that the financial instruments may be deemed taxable and/or any other such applicable taxations, as per their relevant legislations which become the clients responsibility to settle.

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