Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Forex Tigon LTD (or the company) has issued this privacy policy which specifies an overview and explanation as to how personal information is treated with regards to the individual(s) who are users of the companies’ website (, including without limitation to the products, services or applications of any status whether online or offline.


Forex Tigon LTD will collect various data types, which includes information which verifies and identifies the clients identity as an individual; the clients’ personal data, is protected by the commitment of the company as privacy is always respected when working with us.


By using the website related to Forex Tigon LTD the client confirms that they are of legal age, as well as agreeing that they have read and accepted the terms and conditions as well as this policy (the privacy policy), which involves the collection, use and disclosure of personal data.


Information collected by Forex Tigon LTD, and the purpose of the collection of such data:


When using the website (for exemplary purposes), the details of your activity are registered to and by our server; such information includes without limitation:

  • The IP address in use
  • The browser in use
  • The content that you browse
  • How you landed on the site
  • Personal Identification number
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Other data (from online forms, portal, newsletters, demos and more.)


The main purpose of collecting such data is:

  • To comply with the national and international legal, as well as regulatory/supervisory provisions.
  • Identification of the clientele and suitability of the client with regards to the products and or services which Forex Tigon LTD provides.
  • Improving the quality of services to natural/legal entities/individuals.
  • To improve research and statistical analysis.
  • Assistance of technical administration
  • To take into consideration the clients’ online behavior and the trends of such behaviors.
  • To improve the quality of products & services, and in order to possibly develop new ones.
  • In order to provide the client with the transaction/post transactional services which may benefit the client.
  • And to ensure that the network and information on the network is all secure.


Disclosure of private data

All personal data will be kept confidential, and shall be treated in the necessary manner in order to maintain security; please note: Forex Tigon LTD will only disclose client activity data and/or personal data to third parties as permitted by the law(s), only; Where Forex Tigon is legally obliged to do so, or if such disclosure becomes necessary in order to enforce Forex Tigon LTD’s rights in particular in order to enforce specific claims through a contractual relationship, or where the company is required to comply with any judicial, or other proceedings – like court orders, legal processes, pursuit from governmental/intergovernmental or regulatory body/bodies – whereby such information may be disclosed at the discretion of the company, with out the provision of notice prior to taking such actions. Forex Tigon LTD will not be deemed liable for unauthorized/unlawful use of personal client information, such as:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Personal Information
  • Login ID

Or otherwise, due to the misuse/misplacement of your details, negligence or malicious intervention (or hacking/cyber attacks/malware, etc.) or for what ever else could be the liability of the client.


Forex Tigon LTD reserves the right to disclose such personal information, but not limited to business introducers, affiliates, subsidiaries, sister companies (which may already process data on behalf of Forex Tigon LTD), third party service providers (in order to process obligations arising from the agreement), financial institutions, Banks, similar organizations, external service/outsourced service providers, professional advisors (may not be internal but instead over seas), auditors, lawyers, accountants, any third parties where this is necessary in order to process a transaction or to provide services which have been requested by the client for personal, or trading purposes.

Monitoring and recording

Forex Tigon LTD will, as required by the law, monitor and record any communication that is with the company, whether in writing, phone, or e-mail.

Security measures

Forex Tigon LTD takes all necessary measures with regards to security, to safeguard the personal data’s protection, as well as any type of data collected & stored in relation to the clients’ visit to the website and or in regards to the services, as well as products which Forex Tigon LTD provides.


The company is protected against such unauthorized access issues, misuse, loss, and abuse. Forex Tigon LTD uses physical, as well as electronic security precautions.


Forex Tigon LTD’s service providers (internal and external), and employees are bound by professional secrecy, and must comply with all the provisions/clauses of data protection.

Please note: access to personal data is restricted to specific, professional employees, contractors and third-party service providers which will require such information access in order to process the agreement between both the client, and Forex Tigon LTD;

This is on a ‘need to know’ basis, and in order to accomplish all the obligations necessary which emit from the agreements in place between Forex Tigon LTD and the client.

Please note: data transmitted via an open network such as the internet cannot be fully secured from third-party access in general; although we do exercise all the possible way which we can to protect the leakage of such personal and sensitive data.

Any transmission of data via way of the internet is at your own risk, although we will try to prevent such events from occurring (out of our control).


Please note; your actions while using the companies’ website maybe recorded and analyzed for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Security of the company
  • Marketing and
  • And monitoring purposes.


Forex Tigon LTD adheres to the strict security standards which are in place, and uses up-to-date, high standards of technology to do so.


Forex Tigon LTD utilizes cookies for statistical purposes and in order to improve the quality of services to the user; Cookies are small files that are placed in browsers and devices, through the use of a web browser, when the first visit to the Forex Tigon LTD website is made; Information as such is stored, such as the preferences of the client when browsing the website.

Please note: the client has the ability to configure such settings in order to not save or interact with such  cookies on the website.

There are different types of cookies such as ‘ID cookies’, which don’t expire when the browser is closed, and ‘persistent’ cookies’, which remain on the hard drive of the device being used. You may configure your devices and browsers not to interact with such files, if you wish.

It is, however recommended that cookies are not disabled, in order to have the best possible user, and service experience. Disabling the cookies may result in lower quality, as well as lower performance from both the website, and the service attained from the website, as well as the trading platform in question. The disabling of cookies may also result in the impairment of the services that the company, Forex Tigon LTD can provide to you in relation to your account held with the company.

Third-party links:

May appear on the Forex Tigon LTD website, which are not operated, nor monitored by us; such links are known as third-party websites. Such third-party websites are not bound by this privacy policy, and the company (Forex Tigon LTD) will not be deemed liable with regards to how the contents of such third-party websites are made.

Please note: Use of such third-party links to a third party websites is done so at the risk & discretion of the client. Links may appear which are of no relation to Forex Tigon LTD.


Governing law

The use of our website shall be governed by the laws of the republic of Vanuatu, as well as it’s governmental/regulatory bodies.


Record Keeping

Forex Tigon LTD is required to retain clients’ personal data on record for a minimum period of at least five years, which is then calculated (after the execution of transactions, or the termination/cancellation of the contractual/business relationship). Forex Tigon LTD shall not be required to delete data which is amidst automatic archiving and the back-up procedures in its IT systems, where a deletion is not a possibility, especially without illicit, unreasonable efforts.




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