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How to calculate pips and spreads?

Defining a trader’s profit and loss balance is an essential component of trading; in order to do this, the trader needs to take a look at the pip, and spread factors in the equation. A pip defines the smallest price change…


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How does one trade metals?

Many professional investors hold metals for a balanced portfolio, because these instruments are generally considered hedges against inflation; metals such as gold & silver may also be treated as safe-haven assets,


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How do I trade indices?

Stock indices are usually treated as a measure of the economic strength of a nation; specifically, in the business sector. Since these indices include the top companies in that country, strengthening consumer …


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How do I trade commodities?

Have you ever read headlines on falling crude oil prices and wished you can get a piece of the action?

Well, there’s a way to make profits off these market moves by trading…


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How do I trade Forex?

The foreign exchange market or forex market is the largest financial market in the world, comprising more than $5 trillion per day in transactions as it spans currency trading activity in various exchanges …


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How profits and losses are calculated?

The trader must have a solid understanding of how profits and losses are calculated. Currencies are traded in pairs, with changes in exchange rates often referred to in pips, which are the last few decimal places…


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Currency acronyms and abbreviations

Countries/unions globally have their own respective currency, and traders learn to recognize those.


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Currency trading explained

When on holiday in a nation which does not accept the localized currency of the nation which you..



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Different trading types

It is often said that no two traders are the same. Each possesses his or her own personality traits that



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How do I use trading charts?

Charts are the essentials of technical analysis; this is because they revolve around looking at the



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The advantages of fixed spreads

In today’s ForEx markets, many brokers will try to sell the trader ‘Low spreads’ from ‘as low as 0.1’..


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What is a day trade?

Day, or Spot are the terms used when a position is opened and closed by a trader within the same


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What is Forex?

Forex Trading, essentially, is the buying of one currency while concurrently selling another one.


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What is leverage?

The textbook definition of “leverage” is having the ability to control a large amount of money…


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Understanding Analysis

Macroeconomic factors that move the markets

The global markets are more integrated than ever before; the health of the economy of a nation may severely impact the world’s markets.

Geopolitical events, announcements, and even down to some bad weather on the other side.

What do I need to know about the financial calendar?

When trading in the ForEx market, a trader needs to keep track of global events which could impact the exchange rate of the currency pair which they are trading in.

The easiest way to do so is to use a financial calendar which monitors such market-moving elements. Some of the most influential events are changes in the GDP of the nations of which currencies are being traded.

How do interest rates influence the economy?

Interest rates have an important part to play in the overall activity of economies, generally, as well as the progress of the nation in question; When a central bank of a country changes the interest rates, it majorly influences the investment, asset and any other commodity market related to finance.

Key indicators traders follow


A traders’ financial calendar can be very busy; if trader’s tried to follow every single economic event, they would not be able to. Each week there are countless reports, announcements, and data issued – by both governmental bodies, as well as NGO’s.

How to apply and trade RSI support & resistance?


RSI readings are displayed with a scale of 0, to 100; in which case 70 indicates the ‘overbought’ zone, while 30 or less indicates an ‘oversold’ zone.

What separates the amateurs from the traders, is that the pro’s make use of a variety of strategies, in order to maximize profits and minimize losses. One such strategy is known as the relative strength index, or, RSI when abbreviated.

How to spot trends in a chart?


The ‘trend is your friend’ is the phrase which is used by traders; in simple terms, markets follow trends in one direction (usually) until something else reverses the trend.

Identifying candlestick patterns and momentum


By observing continuation, as well as reversal pattern formations on the candlestick charts, a trader is able to identify a bullish, or bearish market.

Use Bollinger Bands to determine overbought/oversold level


One of the most popular philosophies in the trading and technical analysis universe is: ‘the trend, is your friend’; Things, however, begin to become amiss when the trend becomes your enemy. To discover a change in the trend (market being over-bought/sold), the Bollinger Bands come in to play.

Using pivot points & how to calculate them


Pivot points define the horizontal support, as well as resistance lines which are situated on a price chart for the ease of the calculation and creation of charts. There are specific platforms which are supporting pivot points, but in the case of Forex Tigon LTD, manual calculation and plotting must be done.

How do I use technical analysis to trade?


A Forex chart with a bundle of lines, waves and other indicators is what is used to measure technical analysis of pricing direction. The concept behind technical analysis is that the past price direction may happen again, so traders try to observe patterns in order to better predict future fluctuations.

Top economies that move the markets


As countries partake in international trade, the influence of one single country can be substantial on the global economy.

How to use sentimental analysis to trade?


Since currency gains and/or losses are apparent in a traders’ interpretation of the technical signals and economic data, understanding crowd psychology is also an essential tool in forex trading.

What is MACD and how do traders use it?


Since currency gains and/or losses are apparent in a traders’ interpretation of the technical signals and economic data, understanding crowd psychology is also an essential tool in forex trading.

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