Complaint handling process

Complaint Handling Process


1)      Purpose and scope

The purpose of the complaint handling process is to provide the client of Forex Tigon LTD (the company) with clear, accurate and up-to-date information on how to issue a complaint, how to provide such information related to such accounts and the respective transactions of said accounts/clients; all subject to the complaint itself and the process for handling such complaints relating to the company.


2)      Definitions and interpretations

For the purpose of this complaint handling process:

2.1 – Complaint is used to describe dissatisfaction which is presented to the company through a client; it may be regarding the investment provision and/or subordinate service quality provided by Forex Tigon LTD.

2.2 – A complaint may derive from any legal person or entity which is deemed to be eligible to have the complaint reviewed by Forex Tigon LTD.


3)      Legal framework

In accordance with the directive of year issued, in regards to the authorization and operating conditions of (law issuer/regulator), along with the circulars, issued by the regulator.

A (regulator) is required to establish, implement and maintain effective, as well as transparent procedures for the fair and regular handling of complaints or objections deriving from retail or potential retail clients – as well as to keep a record of each complaint and the measures taken in order to compensate for the clients decree.


4) Process

How to file an unsatisfactory complaint?

The client is required to submit the formally written document to Forex Tigon LTD, reporting the incident up to (no later than) 2 days after the situation has occurred; this can be don by filling out the companies’ complaint form, available on the companies’ website, and by submitting the form online through the Forex Tigon LTD website (Insert website as a hyper link instead of Forex Tigon LTD).

The client is required to include all relevant events relating to the situation and these should be specified in the form, as well.


Please note: In cases where the information provided by the client is insufficient, the company may require to be provided with more accurate, and detailed information.


Handling of complaints;

Only complaints received in writing, through the submission and provision of the complaint form and the complaint itself, are considered official complaints.

Other inquiries are not considered complaints.

Once written and then received by Forex Tigon LTD, a formal complaint will be acknowledged and officially seen with in a 5-day timeframe. In this time, the company will also provide the client with a reference number which relates to the complaint, and then the company begins to review the case.

The outcome of the examination of such cases will be provided to clients within two months from the date of the complaints issue; in cases where the time of confirmation exceeds the two month grace period, the client will be informed of the reason of delay, accordingly. However, the duration will not exceed one month after that. The client relevant to the handling of said complaints should:

  • Gather and provide all the necessary relevant information.
  • Communicate in understandable text
  • Provide the client with a response without delay (after the 1st and 2nd grace periods)


Important points to note

All complaints should be treated with complete confidentiality.
In the event that a reply can’t be provisioned to the client during the time of said complaint issued, Forex Tigon LTD will provide the client with causes of such delays and an indication of when the complaint will be handled (roughly) and resolved.
The client may approach the financial regulatory body of its jurisdiction if the handling of complaints is not satisfactory; this can be done by using the unique reference number which is provided by Forex Tigon LTD
It is understood and agreed by the client that the complaints received by Forex Tigon LTD will be dealt with, without charges or fees incurring to the client; however, in the event that any complaint proceeds into a further legal action or proceeding – each party will be liable for the expenses which incur during such disputes; unless directed otherwise by the court of law or regulatory bodies involved.


Please note: in the case where the outcome of the dispute is in the benefit of Forex Tigon LTD (or the company), the company/Forex Tigon LTD may proceed with the recovery of any legal action expense occurred.

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