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Welcome to Forex Tigon LTD

Why Forex Tigon LTD?

With full regulation and licensing from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Vanuatu, and a team of experienced traders, and IT professionals gathering an accumulated 20 years of experience in the industries, it’s difficult to turn away. Forex Tigon LTD provides the highest quality in online trading services to all of its clients, no matter the level; the goal is to endlessly improve our services and software’s to always meet our clients’ individual needs.


The success of this establishment is based on many core company values such as loyalty, pride, ambition and strength. We always put our clients first and we are here with you every step of the way, no matter where you are or what time it is; we are built on pride and destined for greatness, together. This is what sets Forex Tigon LTD apart from the rest: ambiguity and proactivity; being honest with its valued clients and staying true to its duties, as well as always exploring new strategies and technology to adapt to an ever-changing and growing market.

The advantages of trading with Forex Tigon LTD

from 0.2 Pips on the EUR/USD pairs and 0.3 Pips on the USD/JPY pairs; spreads on Index CFDs start from 0.30 USD for US Indices, and 0.20 EURO for EU Indices.

24 hours, 7 days a week of expert multi-lingual support at your fingertips; dedicated to cater to your needs – available by phone, e-mail and live chat.

Minimum account balance requirements as well as marginal trading: only 100 USD to open an account with premium trading technology and only the best services.

High-security, online payments: we accept Bank wire transfers, Visa & MasterCard deposits and more. You can read more in the ‘payments section

The safety of your funds are a priority with us, and we guarantee compensation through money raised by investors in the investor compensation fund

Whether you are looking to become an Introducing Broker (IB), obtain a white label, or become an affiliate it is a great opportunity for you to pursue in order to expand your business or your technology; especially in the Forex and CFD industry. See more in the ‘Partners’ page

Economic calendar, professional technical analysis, Stock & Forex live quotes and more! Check the ‘Education’ section.

Business model

Trading solution based on two essential principles

  1. Equality – the ability for all clients to provide and hire liquidity within the ECN market place.
  2. Transparent pricing environment – all clients have the same liquidity, and the same data feed.

Advantages of the ECN Market Place

  1. The ECN Market Place represents the advanced generation of liquidity aggregation in the industry. While creating our unique trading environment we have developed the following functionalities.
  2. Execution: Unique technology to instantly hedge any clients’ trades directly, with other liquidity providers. Forex Tigon LTD is currently connected with Prime A-Class liquidity providers – trades are usually executed in milliseconds.
  3. Low spreads: Forex Tigon LTD has integrated liquidity with the world’s leading Foreign Exchange Banks and ECN’s. Thanks to this, we can offer the deepest source of liquidity in order to obtain such tight spreads.
  4. Enormous order execution: trade 10,000,000 USD with a single click of a button, due to ECN liquidity.
  5. Market depth: access the market depth monitor tool, which provides traders with information about the market structure in detail for each currency pair. This data allows the investor to anticipate the full execution process before placing their orders.
  6. Liquidity provision: can be bid on, and investors may make offers within the market in the form of bid/ask positions, which allows users to act as liquidity providers by bidding right into the market. The concept of bid/ask is similar to limit orders for buying at a specific or improved price – this can help in avoiding the spread cost. Investors may also choose an expiry date authorized by the system for the order to be processed. It is an essential technique for intraday trading.

Forex Tigon LTD may merge liquidity along with existing liquidity provided by external counterparties. As a result, not all and every clients’ positions may be hedged with third parties.

Philosophy of Transparency

Forex Tigon LTD Philosophy of Transparency, where we have nothing to hide

Security of Funds

As a regulated entity, Forex Tigon LTD meets the latest regulatory requirements relating to client funds.


As a client of Forex Tigon LTD, you can be sure that extra measures are taken so that your funds are always safe.

Segregation of Clients Funds

All client funds deposited with Forex Tigon LTD are fully segregated from the company’s own funds and are kept in separate bank accounts. This ensures that funds belonging to clients cannot be used for any other purpose. Our interval and annual financial reports are audited in Republic of Vanuatu by a leading global financial auditor, ensuring that our operations are conducted in compliance with the highest possible standards.

Forex Tigon LTD offers Negative Balance Protection guarantee

to all clients as part of the Client Agreement, as long as it is not manipulated and is accepted in good faith. We are committed to a strict policy ensuring that clients may never lose more than their total deposits, by their own fault. This means that we do not allow you to deficit and in turn, end up having to pay us back.

Additional procedures we have

Forex Tigon LTD is partnered with several major banking institutions, with client funds kept in worldwide ‘class A’ banks. Internal limits ensure a diversification of client funds among banks, while credit risk is regularly monitored. Client funds are only kept in jurisdictions where segregation of client funds is supported by the local legal framework.

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